New Greenpeace campaign attacks Bitcoin. Is it legit?

Greenpeace in collaboration with Benjamin Von Wong created a spot, campaign which should rise the awareness about Bitcoin being harmful for the environment. The goal is to convince the audience that Bitcoin is bad and requires... protocol change,…

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Turn your self hosted Lightning Network node to public in 10 minutes

In this article I will explain how can you setup self hosted Lightning Network (at home or anywhere) to get public (not changing) IP for 5$/month what will make your node public - other nodes will be able to open channels to your node. This is not…

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Lessons learned from 1400 Bitcoins loss

The recent news about 1400 bitcoins loss caused a lot of buzz: the amount of Bitcoins worth about 16.3 million $, not any kind of exchange hack, all happened using Electrum wallet - one of the oldest and still very popular Bitcoin wallet. I share…

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