Complete dapp in 1 week!
Welcome to my 1-Week-Aepp-Challange.
The goal is to develop complete decentralized application (dapp) with Aeternity blockchain (aepp).
I’m documenting the whole design and development process.
Feel free to follow the progress.

In order to learn Aeternity, I decided to organize 1 Week Aepp Challnage.
The goal is to develop complete aepp using current state of the Aeternity SDK and tools.

Here is complete documentation of the development progress (links):
Day 1: you are reading the post 🙂
Day 2: Aeternity dapp architecture and technologies
Day 3: Sophia smart contract
Day 4: aepp-sdk-js and communication with the blockchain
Day 5: Dapp client, contract use and security
Day 6: Logonity 1.0 Alpha overview and features

What’s the Aepp?

Aepp is just a dapp (decentralized application) made with Aeternity.
What’s a dapp then?

Decentralized application are the applications (web, mobile, desktop) based on decentralized technologies.

The concept of dapps started with the Ethereum – first blockchain which gave possibility to run code on the blockchain in decentralized way.
The components of the pure decentralized application are not dependent to any third party. From technical point of view we can think about visualsation layer (frontend) and processing layer (backend) which run on the decentralized independent platforms.
Overview of the Aepp architecture may look like this:


The parts of Aepp are:
smart contract – the immubtale backend of our application, developed in Sophia language, running and processed by Aeternity blockchain nodes;
– frontend – visualisation layer of the application, communication with the blockchain using Aeternity SDK;

In simple scenario the blockchain is the backend for the decentralized application.
More complex system can rely on some middleware (like Oracles or extended databases like Swarm – giving the possibility to store variety of data).
Interaction with the blockchain (sending transactions, running smart contract functions) requires to have the blockchain account.
In aepps case – it require to own Aeternity account.
The philosophy behind the dapps in general is that account information (crypto public/private keys) are not shared by any third party – everything is private, storred in our machines (phones, laptops).
This concept makes the decentralized applications completely different than common server-based architecture – where the third party server is responsible for storing, securing and using most of our data.

My Aepp idea – The Logonity

During the week I will implement the Logonitydecentralized logo marketplace platform.
The idea is to create blockchain based platform for logo creation commissions.
The principals commission the logo creation, giving the fixed price (bounty) for the logo creation.
Everyone interested can submit own logo proposal.
After fixed time, the principal will have to choose the best logo.
The winner gets the bounty.
In the case that the principal will not choose any logo, randomly single winner will be selected.
The visualisation of the solution looks like:


Logonity seems to be quite interesting and usable dapp idea and fits perfect as the first serious aepp – dapp made in Aeternity.
In the next article I will present concrete technologies and architecture of the solution I will implement.
Stay tuned.